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We're Headed to the Big Screen at the International Social Change Film Festival!

Heading to the Big Screen

We are proud to announce the selection of Letters from America's 3rd World into the Social Change International Film Festival: Changefest! Dedicated to celebrating and amplifying the voices of filmmakers dedicated to making a positive difference in the world, the festival will host 4 screening events - in Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and virtually. Letters from America's 3rd World is the first film by Ship and Anchor founder and CEO Devin Smith.

The 13-minute documentary short was created by Smith with the support of the JUSTstories program offered by the Justice Arts Coalition. This unique film is part traditional documentary and part music video, as it recounts Devin's incarceration and subsequent healing journey, while also highlighting our novel approach to social impact. Ultimately, the film aims to explain our definition of "America's 3rd World", and advocate for transforming the criminal legal system. Learn more about the film from this Urban Arts Magazine article.

A Milestone Achievement

Selection for this prestigious film festival marks a major milestone for Smith, as well as Ship and Anchor. Devin remarks,

"I feel so blessed to not just be recognized for producing a high quality film - my very 1st film ever, at that - but to also be able to share with new communities the amazing work we've been doing the past few years. I mean, we've already been working on re-launching the podcast, so this just confirms that we're on the right track by investing more into our budding media division. As a relatively new entrepreneur, it feels good to get confirmation that you're on the right track, you know? "

Get Your Tickets Now

While we are most excited about Letters, Changefest will be screening several powerful films from talented filmmakers who use their craft to raise awareness, promote dialogue, and inspire viewers to make a difference. While it has become a popular meeting ground for artists, activists, and change-makers who are committed to harnessing the power of cinema for a better world, Changefest is a fun event for anyone who simply likes good films.

Click here to purchase your tickets to attend either in-person or virtual screenings. Use the discount code DEVIN25 to get 25% OFF your ticket purchase! Letters from America's 3rd World will be screening in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and virtually.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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